Soulplay unicorns, SP-UNL, SP-UNLR (rainbow), SP-UNSM

Soulplay mohair bunnies (big & small shown), SP-BB, SP-BSM

Soulplay tiny fairies, SP-FRT

Camo embroidered “peace and love” bears, HW-CBS/M/L

Mohair felt animals, colourful lion, rhino, penguin, elephant & crocodile, ND-Ml, ND-Mr, ND-Mpe, ND-Me, ND-Mc

Mohair felt animals in natural tones, campfire circle (see pdf flyer for complete list)

Hand embroidered black bears (lg shown) & cushions (s,m,l,xl), HW-EBL, HW-HCS/M/L/XL

Ragdoll monkeys & cats, HC 59-001

Ragdoll ladies with bead necklaces, HC 59-002

Beaded traveller pins, HC 52-6001